Portrait Beatrix Klingel

International projects design and realisation

Cosmopolitan thinking and acting in mutual appreciation and respect are important to me. Narrow-minded insistence on yesterday's positions is alien to me.

Projects that generate further added value by combining business and culture are of interest to me. I have worked successfully in this field for many years.

Concert management

  • Chamber Music
  • Salon Orchestra
  • Dress rehearsal
  • School concert
  • Vocal workshop
  • Classic Open-Air


  • Marketing Events
  • Sales support
  • Conflict management
  • Event organisation
  • International project management
  • Customer care

Youth work Asia / EU / CH

  • Accommodation
  • Summer courses
  • Discussion groups
  • Assistance
  • Contacts
  • Advertising 

"The optimum occurs when there is a certain mixture of organisation and chaos.”

Hermann Müller-Thurgau (1850–1927), Swiss viticultural researcher

Pressure to perform is good, but what is important first and foremost is rest for discovering one's own talent and developing one's own potential. You need time for both. The sources of creativity are intuition and imagination. Interaction and contradiction then create the disorder, restlessness and uncertainty in the mind that is needed for something new to emerge.

I enjoy working with multi­culturally open-minded and interested young people from home and abroad with a focus on international work.

Ayano Dozono, Beatrix Klingel, Akaru Sumizawa
The completion of the photo project was celebrated

In physics: Performance is work per unit of time – for me, this is true in the world of work: The joy of doing is the basis for performance

I believe that global economic activity is bound to fail without serious cultural understanding. Projects have to pay off – that is absolutely clear – but they pay off when the partners have been able to build mutual trust and enjoy working together. Too many projects in international business fail because of mistrust.

The economy, society and culture do not need emotional flashes in the pan, but rather reliability and the willingness to overcome anything that seems to stand in the way of a successful project. Reliability is the prerequisite for sustainability. Reliability gives young people throughout the world security and the courage to necessarily look at things differently and implement them differently than before. It would be naïve to believe that this can be achieved "just like that". It would likewise be naïve to believe that attending country-specific behavioural seminars will make a decisive difference.

I believe – despite all the necessary development of digital conferences and meetings – that the decisive factor for success is still the personal encounter. That is what I want to promote the following: digital yes, but not exclusively!

Everything is always connected to everything else, but you are looking for where it all starts?

You want to organise a concert, but you have neither a room with suitable acoustics, nor a grand piano, nor someone to stage it all, advertise it and write you a review afterwards?

You don't have enough time to take care of recently arrived students with language problems?

Are you looking for a brilliant idea for a high-quality business event for customer loyalty? Do you need support with the implementation?

Do you urgently need support in managing a difficult client relation­ship so that nothing "slips" in your project?

Cold calling for sales is not your thing?

An international meeting in the target country is on the agenda, but who will take care of airport transfers and accommodation, negotiate conference packages, take care of technology and special requests, stage the musical soirée at the end?

You are a foreign educational institute and are looking for a cooperation partner for summer courses to bring European cultural life closer to your students, but you are confronted with an over­whelming number of possibilities?

Memorial Carlos Santana
Bronze sculpture of Carlos Santana in the park of the Grand-Hotel Montreux Palace
Beatrix Klingel engaged in a conversation
Discussion with an Iraqi investor in Hamburg

Project experience at home and abroad

  • International event organisation: Design, implementation and follow-up of lectures, conferences, classical music concerts
  • Development of project ideas, conception, creation of exposés for cultural events, organisation of processes
  • Sales support: Marketing and PR concepts for SMEs from the cultural industry, writing culture-based texts
  • Coordination of my proven network of experts for work in the field of design of promotional material and internet presence
  • Competence in relationship-oriented and thus sustainable development of resilient customer contacts
  • Many years of work on business / project develop­ment in Arab countries on behalf of clients, support for joint venture processes
  • Intercultural business communication, breaking down communication blockades, conflict manage­ment in an effort to balance business interest
  • Project work on the ground in Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
official celebration of Kurdish New Year
Kurdish New Year in Erbil with choir and orchestra
Handing over the present
Reception with a Saudi investor family

Culture as a unifying value and basis for multicultural work

Offers for students from Asia and the EU:

  • Organisation and implemen­tation of lectures and seminars with speakers from the fields of politics, higher education and career guidance services, press work
  • Initiation of intercultural discussion groups on current economic and socio-political topics in Germany as well as the situation of the cultural industry
  • Support for students who wish to apply for a place at university in Germany and enter without language skills.
  • Assistance in preparing the students' first visits to the authorities after arrival and in finding accommodation

Offer for young people and children from the Asian region:

  • Design and management of summer courses for learning and practising intercultural under­standing in cooperation with relevant educational institutions at home and abroad

Offer for young professional musicians:

  • Support in building contact networks for the professional future
  • Researching performance opportunities
  • Advice on creating the professional advertising portfolio
A group of guests drinking and eating together
Cosy get-together with sushi after a beautiful concert
Ayano Dozono, Beatrix Klingel
Happy faces after successful courtyard concert
Loriot sculpture and Beatrix Klingel
Mister Müller-Lüdenscheidt – surprise guest at events

Always follow your nose

A meaningful project from business and culture should always have a socio-political underpinning so that it pulls forward. It deserves to be tackled with passion, heart and mind. This requires not only the right nose for what is really important, but also for the right moment.

After 10 years of building up the creative team of a medium-sized company, I am looking forward to the next project. Please get in touch if you need support with organi­sational and communi­cation challenges – especially in the inter­national context of the EU, Asia and Switzerland.

Craft requires the right tools

Languages spoken

  • English, professional working proficiency
  • French, fluent
  • German, mother tongue


  • References and project lists on request


  • Flat rates depending on complexity and by arrangement